Air Force 2030

Breakout Sessions

The goal of each breakout session is to enable open discussion and to solicit ideas and concepts for future science and technology research.

1: Cyber/Digital Defense

Topics Include: Infrastructure, Countermeasures, Automated (w/ Artificial Intelligence) Operations

  • 1A: Resilient Cyber Posture (Ideas, concepts, and technologies designed to make the US Homeland more resilient to cyber attack)
  • 1B: Imposing Defensive Cyber Outcomes (Ideas, concepts, and technologies for negating adversaries' actions in cyberspace)

2: Sensing and Interpreting

Topics Include: Sensor platform(s), Data Management, Data Interpretation (AI/Human)

  • 2A: Collecting Global Data (Ideas, concepts and technologies for collecting data/sensing an environment or local)
  • 2B: From Data to Decisions (Ideas, concepts and technologies for moving, managing and acting upon sensed/collected data)

3: Global Logistics

Topics Include: Sustaining global operations, transportation, and on-site manufacturing

  • 3A: Facilitating global distribution (Ideas, concepts and technologies to support material distribution required for global AF operations)
  • 3B: Increasing independence at the forward edge (Ideas, concepts and technologies that support on-site manufacturing of critical infrastructure (parts and supplies) required to achieve independent operation of forwardly deployed AF units)

4: Human Advantage

Topics Include: Optimizing physical and cognitive performance, human-machine interaction, human-human coordination, human behavioral assessments

  • 4A: Maximizing the Human (Ideas, concepts and approaches to maximize the physical, psychological, cognitive performance of individuals.]
  • 4B: Optimal Human Teaming (Ideas, concepts and approaches to improve the effectiveness of team communication and decision making processes.)