03/12/2015 Meet Hank Bounds
President Bounds
Getting to Know Nebraska Tour with New University of Nebraska President Hank M. Bounds

During his first week as president of the University of Nebraska, Hank Bounds plans to travel the state on a "getting to know Nebraska tour." With stops in communities all across Nebraska, Dr. Bounds' itinerary is intended to showcase the diversity of the state and introduce him to a large number of people who care deeply about the future of Nebraska and its only public university.

He will meet with business, civic, education and ag leaders and will visit several high schools, community colleges and state colleges in addition to university campuses and research and extension facilities.

Dr. Bounds will be accompanied on the April 12-17 trip by Ronnie Green, vice president for agriculture and vice chancellor of the Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Brian Hastings, president and chief executive officer of the University of Nebraska Foundation. Members of the Board of Regents and friends of the university will host meetings and events in more than a dozen communities over six days.

We are pleased you will also be a part of Dr. Bounds' first week experience, and invite you to get to know him—as he gets to know Nebraska.

Please click on the links below and tell us which events you will be able to attend.

Getting to Know Nebraska Tour
2:00 PM | Gallery 92 West
5:30 PM | The Evans House
7:30 AM | Nebraska State Fair, Raising Nebraska site
12:30 PM | University of Nebraska at Kearney, Nebraskan Student Union
6:30 PM | Golden Spike Tower
5:30 PM | Buffalo Point Steakhouse & Grill
7:15 AM | Farm and Ranch Museum
6:30 PM | Chadron State College, Student Center
7:00 PM | Norfolk Country Club
12:30 PM | Nielsen Community Center
6:00 PM | Lied Lodge

If you have any questions, please contact the University of Nebraska Office of the President at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (402) 472-8636.

Date Recipient
01/12/2015 President
President Bounds
University of Nebraska President-Designate Hank M. Bounds, Ph.D.

On January 12, 2015, the Board of Regents appointed lifelong educator Hank M. Bounds, Ph.D., as the seventh president of the University of Nebraska. Dr. Bounds, a first-generation traditional college student who has devoted his entire 25-year career to education, has served as commissioner of higher education for the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning since 2009.

Dr. Bounds was selected for the NU presidency following an extensive national search that engaged hundreds of Nebraskans. He will begin his tenure on April 13, 2015.

We invite Nebraskans to join the conversation welcoming Dr. Bounds and his family to the university by using #NewNUPrez.

President Bounds
Presidential Background

Dr. Hank Bounds has spent his career helping change students’ lives in the way education impacted his own life. He began as a high school teacher, then rose to principal, superintendent and state superintendent before becoming Mississippi’s commissioner of higher education. There, he has been committed to expanding opportunities for students and building partnerships with key constituents.

He and his wife, Susie, have two children, Will and Caroline.

"In addition to boasting a rich history, the university is poised for an even brighter future as a giant in higher education and I look forward to working with the university family as it continues to serve as a catalyst for change…I am humbled
to have the opportunity to lead this prestigious university."
—Dr. Hank Bounds, University of Nebraska President-Designate
Media Coverage
Nebraska Bound (a photo essay)
"In February I spent a few days in Mississippi with reporter Kate Howard to do a profile on Dr. Hank Bounds...We visited his hometown, a small agricultural high school, a school district on the Gulf Coast where he was a principal and superintendent and of course the Mississippi capitol, Jackson."
— Sarah Hoffman, Photojournalist (March 27, 2015)
NU looks to Mississippi native for growth by leaps and Bounds
“Former co-workers say Hank Bounds fixes what’s broken with a combination of high expectations, modesty and a low tolerance for failure. He gets it done.”
— Omaha World-Herald (March 15, 2015)
Hank M. Bounds picked to lead University of Nebraska
“Enrollment and degrees issued increased during Bounds’ tenure as Mississippi’s commissioner of higher education.”
— University Business (March 2015)
New NU President Bounds begins transition
“To recruit top students and faculty, court donors and research partners, Bounds said he wants to understand what drew current students to the university’s flagship campus.”
— Lincoln Journal Star (January 28, 2015)
05/28/2014 May 28, 2014: Statement from Board of Regents Chairman regarding the governor’s candidacy for president

“The Board of Regents has an established process in place for recruiting and selecting the next president of the University of Nebraska which involves equal treatment and consideration of all individuals who wish to be considered for the position. My colleagues and I, as well as the other members of the presidential search committees, will respect and maintain the confidentiality of the search process until four finalists are publicly identified in accordance with Nebraska law.

“Our immediate focus is on attracting a deep, rich and diverse pool of applicants from throughout the country. It would be most unfortunate for the citizens of the state if any particular person’s interest in the position resulted in undermining the legitimacy of the search and kept any highly qualified individuals from applying for the presidency.

“Let me be very clear. This is a fair and competitive process and the Board of Regents seeks and welcomes the candidacy of any person, including the governor, who believes he or she has the qualifications and experiences necessary to effectively lead the University of Nebraska. Our objective is to seek, vet, and hire the most qualified candidate.

“Now that the governor has publicly announced his candidacy for the position, his current requests for one-on-one meetings with the members of the Board of Regents, chancellors and other administrators, and search committee members are inappropriate and will not be honored. To do so would present a problem of fairness and it is not practical to track and offer comparable opportunities to all candidates.”

08/11/2014 Interim President Linder Speeches & Statements
05/22/2014 May 22, 2014: Statement from Board of Regents Chairman Howard Hawks regarding the presidential search
“The Board of Regents has launched a national search to identify and recruit the most highly qualified and capable candidates for the position of president of the University of Nebraska. Although it is still quite early in the process, we are pleased with the significantly growing national interest already being shown in the position. Our goal, with the assistance of our search consultants, is to build as deep, rich and diverse a pool of applicants as is possible from throughout the country.

“There has been a level of attention given to public comments made by Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman this week regarding his possible interest in being considered for the presidency. Obviously, the Board of Regents would welcome the governor’s application for the position, just as we will the candidacy of any other individual who believes he or she has the qualifications and experiences necessary to effectively lead our university system and to continue its positive momentum and trajectory.

“We have every expectation that this nationwide search will attract a wide range of candidates from varied backgrounds. Should the governor decide to apply for the position, his candidacy would be considered and evaluated like that of any other applicant. This will be an open, fair and competitive search for the best person possible to lead the University of Nebraska. The search process is designed to be confidential until four finalists are publicly named, in accordance with Nebraska statutes. On the other hand, it is obvious that potential candidates may choose to reveal their interest.

“In my view, it would be inappropriate for the Board of Regents to comment or to speculate regarding the possible candidacy of any individuals. It is in the best interest of the University of Nebraska that the confidentiality of the search process be respected and maintained. The Board of Regents does not intend to reveal the names of any nominees or applicants for the position until four finalists are publicly identified.

“We look forward to having a large and robust pool of applicants from which to choose the best candidate to be the next president of the University of Nebraska.”
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