Date Recipient
04/29/2009 Julie Zetterman
Administrator for the Department of Otolaryngology and Clinical Manager for the ENT and OFP Clinics, UNMC
04/29/2009 Ted Pruitt, Jr.
Assistant Director of Maintenance, UNO
04/29/2009 Dustin Newton
Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions, UNK
04/29/2009 Vicki Miller
Research Communications Coordinator, UNL
03/05/2009 Carmella Orosco
Archives Associate for the Digital Initiatives and Special Collections Dept. of the Libraries, UNL
03/05/2009 Brenda Gibson
Office Associate for Agronomy and Horticulture Department, IANR
03/05/2009 Stacy Darveau
Administrative Associate for the Dean of the College of Business and Technology, UNK
03/05/2009 Jamie Ruggiero
Staff Assistant with the Division of Continuing Studies, UNO
03/05/2009 Sydney Clausen
Anatomy Education Coordinator, UNMC
01/22/2009 Kathy Minikus
Accounting Technician in the College of Public Health Services Research and Administration, UNMC
01/22/2009 Marilyn Brown
Administrative Assistant with Business & Finance, UNO
01/22/2009 Richard Warnke and Stephen Slominski
Mail Room Supervisor and Mail Regulation Clerk, UNK
01/22/2009 Dale Wolfgram
Business Systems Analyst, UNL
01/22/2009 Henry Schmidt
Building Mechanic III for Abel-Sandoz Facilities, UNL
11/06/2008 Phil Bruch
Department of Radiation Oncology, UNMC
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