Date Recipient
12/01/2010 Gregory Hoff
Software Engineer - Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis, UNO
12/01/2010 Jeff Malan
Season Event Coordinator for the Lied Center for Performing Arts, UNL
12/01/2010 Michael Cremers
Workstation Support Specialist for the Division of Business and Finance, UNK
10/22/2010 Eileen Andersen
Office Associate, Information Technology Services, UNMC
10/14/2010 Esther Scarpello
Fringe Benefits Manager, UNO
10/14/2010 Erin Marotz
Research Manager Husbandry, Animal Science, UNL
10/14/2010 Celeste Spier
Advisor, Department of Psychology, UNL
10/14/2010 Jamie Lundgren
Associate Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, UNK
09/14/2010 Amy Dodson
Administrator II, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the College of Medicine, UNMC
09/14/2010 Randy Mattley
Director of Advertising and Creative Services, UNK
09/14/2010 CJ Brown
Groundskeeper II, UNO
09/14/2010 Conrad Engel
Software Systems Architect, UNL
09/09/2010 Linda Christensen
Coordinator of Contracts and Student Services in University Housing, UNL
06/10/2010 Patrick Rejda
Instructional Technologist I, UNMC
06/10/2010 Cynthia Shultz
Associate Director of Counseling and Healthcare/Nurse Practitioner, UNK
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