State Governmental Relations

The University of Nebraska’s state governmental relations office works to build productive relationships with the state legislature, governor and other policy makers to increase understanding of the university’s role in Nebraska’s economic future. The director and representatives of each campus work with government leaders to secure appropriate financial support to further the university’s mission as the state’s only public university.

A network of university "ambassadors" actively assists in information and advocacy efforts. Ambassadors are volunteers from across the state and beyond who share a commitment to higher education and to the University of Nebraska. The network keeps alumni, parents, donors and friends informed of important issues, including budget and legislative issues. You can be as involved as you wish. We'll provide information in simple language that you can share with others as your time and interest permit. The program is informal, with mailings or contact as needed and occasional gatherings to share progress and hear your concerns and ideas. You'll also find information and updates on this web site.

To learn how you can help the university remain successful in building academic excellence, fill out the form below or contact Ron Withem at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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President’s Advisory Council (PAC)

The University of Nebraska President’s Advisory Council (PAC) is an invitation-only group who serves in an advisory capacity to the University of Nebraska president.

PAC members are not just advisors; they are also ambassadors and advocates. There are around 100 members of the council representing Nebraska’s 49 legislative districts. Members come from communities across the state and have varied backgrounds and experiences, but they share an interest in the University and its impact on our state.

Members serve a three-year term and meet with the President twice a year in the spring and fall to discuss current issues, learn about key University initiatives, and offer advice. The spring meeting occurs during the legislative session, and includes state senators. In addition to the two annual meetings, PAC members receive updates from the President throughout the year via mail and email. Along with providing advice, members also serve as ambassadors and advocates for the University of Nebraska in their home communities and to their state policymakers.

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