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Statement on passage of the budget
Statement on passage of the budget
The current economic conditions affect the state's budget--just as they affect most Nebraskans. We will do all we can to manage our budget during the next two years to preserve affordable access to higher education, enhance the quality of our academic programs, and maintain the significant momentum we have seen in recent years. The university is in a relatively strong position today, and that is important to the economy and quality of life in Nebraska.

State funding is an important element of the university’s total budget, and it has a significant impact on tuition, financial aid and the quality of our programs. In June, we will make final budget recommendations to the Board of Regents, and we won't know until then what the impact will be on tuition, jobs and programs on each of our campuses. We do know that there will be some difficult decisions, but we will continue to be guided by our priorities.

Since late last year, we have been working to reduce expenditures during the current year, as well as plan for reductions next year. The budget we propose to the Regents in June will attempt to balance our goals of affordability and academic quality. We believe these are goals Nebraskans share.

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