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The Food for Health Collaboration Initiative is a comprehensive effort to further enhance Nebraska's research capacity to address critical societal and human health issues related to food. The University of Nebraska is making an investment to facilitate research collaborations and build faculty expertise. Nebraska EPSCoR also is investing in the grant program so that all Nebraska research institutions with expertise in Food for Health can partner to grow the state's research capacity and competitiveness.

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Planning and Proposal Generation Grants

  • Approximately ten awards in FY16, up to $20,000 each, to build new collaborations across University of Nebraska campuses and other Nebraska research institutions.

Formed/Forming Team Seed Grants

  • Approximately four awards in FY16 and six awards in FY17, up to $150,000 each, to enhance research collaborations among PIs that have had modest levels of previous collaboration.

Team Strengthening Seed Grants

  • Approximately two awards in FY16 and two awards in FY17, up to $300,000 each, to strengthen existing research collaborations so that faculty teams become more competitive for significant extramural research funding.

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As part of the Food for Health Initiative, the University of Nebraska is making an investment to strengthen its faculty expertise and grow its research portfolio in disciplines critical to addressing societal and human health issues related to food.

Applications for faculty FTE should be prepared by interdisciplinary - intercampus faculty teams, in close coordination with Chairs/Heads/Deans and Vice Chancellors. Those interested in preparing applications for this program should contact their campus administrators prior to formulating any requests. Requested faculty positions must be aligned with current or strategically planned future Food for Health strengths within and across at least two University of Nebraska campuses. Multi-campus research collaboration will be an expectation for any successful application. We anticipate funding approximately 10 faculty FTE (total) with start dates beginning in FY2017 and FY2018.

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