Inclement Weather Policy

The decision to close University Administration offices in Varner Hall because of inclement weather will be made by the President or his or her designee.

Every effort will be made to reach a decision by 5 a.m. and to notify employees shortly thereafter if University Administration offices will be closed. Whenever possible, a message will be sent via e-mail to employees on their university accounts, the closing will be posted on the University of Nebraska's web site at, and a recording will be left on the Varner Hall main telephone number (402-472-2111).

Safety and welfare should be the factors that guide an employee's decision about whether to report to or remain at work during inclement weather. If University Administration offices remain open and an employee is unable to report to work or requests to leave work early, he or she will be required to use accrued vacation leave, earned compensatory time, or leave without pay for the work hours missed. If appropriate, supervisors may authorize employees to work from a location other than Varner Hall or grant employees the option to make up the missed time within the pay period.

In the event University Administration offices are closed, employees will receive bad weather leave. Selected positions within the Computing Services Network, designated by the Chief Information Officer, will be expected to report to or remain at work even when a weather closedown has been announced. These employees will be paid for the hours worked and in addition will receive administrative leave at a future date or compensation at their regular rate of pay for the closedown hours.

University Administration employees who work at a campus location will follow the closedown notification for that campus. Decisions to close due to weather are made independently by each campus. Employees of UNK, UNL, UNMC, and UNO, should check their campus's website for notice of closings.

Closing and cancellation information may vary by campus. Check here for specific campus information:

University of Nebraska at Kearney
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
University of Nebraska Medical Center
University of Nebraska at Omaha