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Email Signature Generator

Create a professional, branded University of Nebraska email signature with our easy-to-use signature generator. The generator is designed to help faculty and staff incorporate the university brand—and provide consistent information—in their email communication.

With each email that we send, we represent the University of Nebraska. Having consistent, complete information and aligning with the university brand standards strengthens the NU brand. It also elevates our key message—that we are stronger as one university, four campuses.

Keeping this in mind, please use the approved fields and logos that are designated here, in the order they appear. We ask that you not add additional slogans, taglines, or pictures to your email signature.

Why use the fields below?

The email signature helps users provide complete, detailed information to the people reading their emails. This can help when it comes to directions, sending mail, or finding an office for a meeting. For example, people may not be familiar with certain campuses, so it can be helpful to spell the name of your building out versus using an acronym.

Generate an Email Signature Now

  • Enter your information into the form below to customize your signature.
  • As you fill out the fields below, please use the "campus" box to designate who you serve, not where you are geographically located. If you serve all four campuses, please use "University of Nebraska.”
  • Keep in mind some people may not be familiar with what part of the University of Nebraska you are located at. Being descriptive can be helpful—such as identifying your campus, building & room, street address, cross-street, zip code, etc.
  • Click the “Preview” button to generate a preview of your signature.
  • Review your signature and click “Copy” if you are satisfied.
  • Paste the copied text into your email program's signature block.
  • Mac Users: Click "Keep Source Formatting" on your clipboard dropdown to properly maintain styles. If you do not do this, your signature may have extra spaces applied to your title.

Here is an example of what your signature might look like:

example email signature of Jackie Ostrowicki