Enrollment up on all NU campuses: Most students since 1996
University of Nebraska President James B. Milliken today announced that for the fourth year in a row, total enrollment increased at the University of Nebraska. The 2008 total – 47,803 students – is the highest since 1996 and an increase of 1.7 percent over 2007. Every campus showed growth in total enrollment, and increases were seen university-wide in every student category: first-time freshmen, undergraduate students, graduate students and professional students.

"The momentum that we are seeing on every University of Nebraska campus is evident in these numbers," Milliken said. "More and more students and parents are recognizing the tremendous value students receive in attending a university of this caliber. There is nothing more important to Nebraska's future than increasing the number of students who go to college. The only way Nebraska will be able to compete and be successful in the knowledge economy is to increase the educational attainment of our citizens."

Milliken said the increased availability of both public and private financial aid, including the university's tuition assistance program, is making college more affordable for more Nebraska families. In addition, entrepreneurial programs designed to attract out-of-state students have been successful, including the new Metropolitan Advantage program offered to students in three counties of Western Iowa who attend UNO.

Among the highlights of this year's statistics:

Increases in first-time freshmen at UNO (8.2%) and UNK (4.9%) Record-high enrollment at UNMC, with highly competitive admissions: more than 1000 applications for 45 spots in the College of Dentistry and more than 1,400 applications for 130 spots in the College of Medicine The highest total enrollment at UNL since 1996. UNL also welcomed five new students with perfect ACT or SAT scores. Excellent growth in the number of graduate and professional students across all campuses.

University-wide increases:

First-time freshmen: 7,063 students (2.2 percent increase) Undergraduate students: 35,765 (1.0 percent increase) Graduate students: 9,517 (3.6 percent increase) Professional students: 2,236 (3.8 percent increase) Total enrollment: 47,518 students (1.7 percent increase)
Campus increases:
University of Nebraska-Lincoln: 23,573 (2.6 percent increase) University of Nebraska at Omaha: 14,213 (0.4 percent increase) University of Nebraska at Kearney: 6,543 (1.0 percent increase) University of Nebraska Medical Center: 3,189 (2.0 percent increase)

The numbers are based on a student census taken on the 6th day after classes begin. Complete enrollment figures, including statistics on out-of-state, international and minority enrollment, will be available later in the fall.

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