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Why Commit?

  $26,278 The average debt load among students at 4-year colleges in NE—debt that can be minimized with timely graduation. 1
  32% The percentage of college students in Nebraska who graduate in four years. 2
  $50,651 The average yearly salary of recent college graduates—earnings students are putting off if they delay graduation. 3
  71% The percentage of Nebraska jobs that will require higher education by 2020. 4

Make A Commitment

Commit to Complete is a campaign created by the University of Nebraska to help college students graduate sooner and with less student debt. By following the steps below, they'll be able to get their degrees faster, save money and get their lives started.

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Committed to Our Students

With over 51,000 students across four campuses, the University of Nebraska pledges to support all of its students who choose to Commit to Complete. By providing additional resources, assistance from advisors and ongoing tips and recommendations, we hope to improve graduation timelines while decreasing the amount of student debt.

Collegebound Nebraska

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