Marketing Spotlight: NUOW Website Visitors


By tracking website visitors, marketers are able to determine the success of their marketing efforts in reaching the desired demographic, in this case prospective adult students who are interested in completing an online program. Understanding visitor behavior also provides insight into prospective student preferences and perspectives.

Through tracking and analysis of the NUOW website, we are able to determine:

  • The website is reaching a broad national audience. Out-of-state traffic is high at 70-80 percent of total visitors of the website.
  • The average age of visitors is 35.
  • On average, more women (53.35%) visit the website than men (46.65%).
  • 67% of visitors are interested in graduate programs, 24% of visitors are looking for undergraduate programs.
  • About 75% of visitors interested in undergraduate programs indicate they would bring transfer credit for consideration.

This demographic information mirrors the program level and demographics of students who study at a distance at NU.

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