Diversity & Equity
The University of Nebraska places a high value on its work in the area of diversity, striving to create a learning community of faculty, students and staff members with differing ethnic, cultural, gender and religious characteristics.

The Office of Diversity, Access and Inclusion works with established programs on each campus to support Strategic Framework goals relating to diversity and equity. These include recruiting and retaining excellent faculty and staff, with a special emphasis on women and persons of color; increasing the percentage of persons of color and the economically disadvantaged who enroll at and graduate from the university; and minimizing the differences in assessment of climate on each campus among various groups of employees, especially women and persons of color.

President Hank Bounds: Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

“At the University of Nebraska, we come from all walks of life—each of us with a different story. But, the University brings us together and makes us family. That means we have a responsibility to take care of each other.

Our campuses must be diverse, inclusive places where all students and employees feel valued and respected, and where their concerns are not just heard but addressed. Diversity stands with integrity and academic excellence as a foundation of University culture. It helps us to understand our differences as well as our commonalities.

I hope each of us will spend time asking ourselves what more we can do to make sure basic values like dignity and respect are reflected across our university. I look forward to working together to continue building a University of Nebraska that our university family can be proud of."

Stancia Whitcomb Jenkins
Associate to the President and Assistant Vice President for Diversity, Access, and Inclusion
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