Date Recipient
03/27/2013 Carla Werner
Administrative Associate with Cooperative Extension Division, UNL
03/27/2013 Michael Cook
Buyer: Chemistry, UNL
03/27/2013 Carin Borg
Administrator IV Surgery, UNMC
02/11/2013 Lorraine Street
Administrative Associate in the Office of Student Services and Field Experiences, UNO
02/11/2013 Roy Stutz
Assistant Athletic Trainer, UNK
02/11/2013 Glen Schumann
Associate Director of Housing Facilities Operations, UNMC
02/11/2013 Jim Jackson
Director of Facilities and Maintenance Planning , UNL
02/11/2013 Stacey Therrien
Administrative Research Associate in the Anesthesiology Department for the College of Medicine, UNMC
02/01/2013 David Bagby
Information Technology Services Manager in the Hixson-Lied College, UNL
02/01/2013 Greg Dorn
Research Technologist II Agronomy and Horticulture at IANR, UNL
02/01/2013 Marylyn May
Enrollment Specialist, UNO
02/01/2013 Richard Scholwin
Audio Director and Events Technician in Fine Arts & Humanities, UNK
01/09/2013 Tuire Cechin
Graduate Program Coordinator in Pathology & Microbiology, UNMC
09/19/2012 Deborah Andersen
Nurse Manager in the Surgery-Transplant Dept. for the College of Medicine, UNMC
09/19/2012 Paula Allen
Administrative Assistant in the Office of the Association of Students, UNL
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