University Affairs
The Office of University Affairs at the University of Nebraska oversees strategic communications and marketing, events, and state and federal government relations for the University system—promoting positive relations and outcomes between the University of Nebraska and its many constituents.

From a government relations perspective, it serves the University in securing funding and substantive legislation that enables NU to provide research, teaching, and service. University Affairs works closely with government officials and their staff at the federal, state, and local levels to advocate issues of importance to the university; it also coordinates legislative priorities for the university. It monitors federal and state legislation that impacts or involves higher education and works with elected officials and government agencies in providing information and research findings that may assist their policy work.

From a communications perspective, University Affairs is responsible for directing NU's communication programs and conducting strategic planning activities. It manages marketing for initiatives that are University-wide—including branding and reputation—and handles all media, open records, and other communication inquiries related to issues that impact the University of Nebraska system. It also integrates and coordinates between the university’s various public relations, communications, publications and news operations and manages any events that support the President and Central Administration.

Ron Withem
Senior Associate Vice President and Director, Government Relations
(402) 472-7132
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Anne Bowen
Executive Assistant/Project Coordinator
(402) 472-3777
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